These four large stones on Waikiki beach are a wahi pana, a storied and celebrated place in the cultural traditions of Hawai’i.  They represent the living legacy of four powerful Tahitian healers of dual male and female spirit who once resided at a place nearby called Ulukou. 

The earliest recorded name for the stones is Ka Pohaku Kahuna Kapaemahu, or The Healer Stones of Kapaemahu, a title that was passed down through oral tradition, recorded in the Hawaiian language press in 1907, and has been used for many sharings of their story. Since 1997 they have been designated by the City and County of Honolulu, and by the Kahu or caretakers of the stones, as Nā Pōhaku Ola Kapaemāhū a Kapuni, or The Stones of Life.

This website includes stories, interpretations, and understandings of this monument to healing and inclusion from many schools of thought. Mahalo to the historians, cultural experts, traditional practitioners, and community members who  contributed their knowledge.

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